Geoffrey Gaké is based on 6 core values. These values are in the DNA of Geoffrey Gaké and form the basis for the soul of the brand.



Being passionate about what you do in life is perhaps the most important value of our brand. Passion is the foundation of a fulfilled life. It is for this reason that it is essential for everyone to first and foremost find their passion in life and secondly go through life with passion. Geoffrey Gaké exudes passion in every garment that we bring to the market. By doing this, one gets the possibility to radiate this to others and thus leave a positive impact on fellow humans and the world.


At Geoffrey Gaké, the concept of constant improvement is essential. Constant improvement allows one to flourish in what one does. Therefore, at Geoffrey Gaké, we also strive for constant improvement as much as possible. Improvement of our designs, garments, production process, fabrics and even our environment.


This brand was founded with longevity and a vision in mind. A vision that matches its values and standards. Unfortunately, the negative impact that the fashion industry has on our planet is undeniable which is why at Geoffrey Gaké we make every effort to use the most sustainable materials in our production process and entire supply chain. Most of our garments are made from organic or recycled fabrics to reduce our carbon footprint. Packaging, labels and hangtags are made from recycled and biodegradable materials. In addition, every garment is produced in fair and proper conditions in Portugal by people who construct them for you with a lot of passion.


At Geoffrey Gaké, we strongly believe that how one dresses and shows to the outside world is a reflection of how one stands in life. A reflection of how a person thinks and what is going on in their world of living. Therefore, we believe that everyone can and should express themselves in the way they want to. That one is allowed to transform their thought process into something visual which eventually can become a clothing style. What this means at Geoffrey Gaké is that each garment is designed to reflect the philosophy behind the brand. That there is a designer in all of us.


The need to stay connected will always be of great importance to humanity. Connectivity both in a personal and digital way. That's why Geoffrey Gaké greatly values a connection with its customers. A connection that is based on shared values, a distinctive brand identity and unique experiences.


Quality is a combination of craftmanship, materials and brand services. That is why we constantly strive for the best quality pieces we can provide to our customers. That we maintain that same quality time and time again across all the areas that represent Geoffrey Gaké, constantly.