The campaign featuring Antwerp born and raised

professional soccer player Senna Miangue.

From his professional debut at one of the world's best soccer teams from Italy, Inter Milan, to performing weekly in the highest division in homeland Belgium. Senna Miangue has seen and experienced it all. The 27-year-old professional soccer player born and raised in our hometown of Antwerp, is an individual who embodies the narrative of Vêtements de Sport like no other. Although his passion for soccer started to manifest itself at a relatively later age, he was still able to leave his mark at the world's top level. 

This was not a road without struggle. This was a long road accompanied by many adversities and setbacks. Yet his high level of self-belief, perseverance and work ethic have ensured that he remained committed to his personal voyage. A voyage that made him discover the essence of life in itself.