Materials & Packaging

The first step to start the design process is fabric sourcing. The materials we choose at Gaké have impact on the quality and thus the lifespan of the clothing. Continuity is extremely important to us in design, so when we find a reliable material, we try to continue to work with that fiber for future collections.

We do everything in our power to design and produce as much of our garments in either organic or recycled fabrics to reduce our ecological footprint as well as everything from packaging to labels. These, together with all our e-commerce packaging, are also made from recycled or biodegradable materials. 


The garments themselves are designed in Gaké's home town of Antwerp. After the design process, all this information is passed on to different modern garment manufacturers and production houses in Europe where an experienced group of people put their heart, soul and some exquisite craftsmanship into the making of the garments. 

At the same time, we think that the wardrobe of the modern human being should consist of a number of timeless garments that can easily stand the test of time. That the world will make it's shift from fast disposable fashion to well-made quality clothing where you buy less and wear more often.

This brand was founded with longevity in mind and a vision. A vision that alignes with its values and standards. In the long run, each and every one of us will have to cherish the greatest treasure that we have been given, planet earth. To ensure that when we leave our legacy behind it remains intact for the next generations to come.