Geoffrey Gaké, founded by Geoffrey Gake in 2021, is an Antwerp-based clothing label merging luxury streetwear with the concept of finding your inner designer, showcased as sustainable garments that form an assembly of contemporary cuts and details with vintage and athletic silhouettes.

Because of Geoffrey’s passion for fitness, sports, a healthy lifestyle and personal development he wanted to create a visual and tangible representation of that lifestyle. He decided to bridge the gap between the two cultures that have a substantial influence on his own personal life. To draw parallels between designing his own body and mind, and designing clothes.

Eventually this is what formed the foundation of our clothing label where stories are told through garments. Unique stories that all lead to the same path of finding your inner designer and inspiration for the sportswear inspired silhouettes that are refined but relaxed finished with a sustainable touch.

Brand Purpose

Life is a never-ending quest. A quest to become the best version of yourself, find your passion and eventually your purpose. It is through this way of thinking that Geoffrey Gake discovered similarities between his passion for fashion and fitness, or in other words, designing clothes and working out. He realized that when you work out, live a healthy lifestyle and strive for constant improvement of yourself you become a designer as well. You become the designer of your own body, mind and spirit. It is in this way that you can become one with yourself, become an inspiration for others and find your purpose in life.

 He believes that this philosophy can be extended to each and every individual on planet earth. That everyone has a particular vision in mind of what they want to become or achieve during their lifetime and in that way try to transform and express that vision into their own reality.

 This way of living needs to be embodied through clothing of a high standard. That is why every garment is designed and finished to the finest detail to ensure that quality prevails. That everyone can express their own identity in a unique way.

 Geoffrey Gaké's clothing is an embodiment of the quest for your life's purpose.

 "There is a Designer in all of us."
                         ~ Geoffrey Gaké